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Prophetess Alice Lenshina, GOD’S AFRICAN COMMANDER, Her generational blessings and legacy.

Finally the truth is out – A book written by Apostle Margaret Wealth Mwila Buter

Extract from book – Copyright Reserved © Margaret Buter

hapter 1
An Extraordinary Journey
Early in the morning, with the sun barely awake
in this remote African village, they arose,
the Lumpa Church congregation, all eager
and anticipating the presence and person of the Holy
Spirit they would meet under the tall dark trees. It was
an everyday occurrence for the Lumpa Church. From
the beginning of her ministry, Prophetess Lenshina
always arose early to go and pray to God Almighty
at a holy place of prayer. This was by the clearing set
around a grove of trees just outside Kasomo.
There, in a gentle breeze, the Holy Spirit would
descend upon them in power. With all her senses
tuned to listening to creation in all its glory, as the
Holy Spirit descended through the current of air, she
would start to prophesy and a worship song would
erupt out of her. She would feel the presence of God
so strongly in the gentle breeze as the leaves shook
and the trees swayed and danced about. The singing
would break the silence and erupt into its fullness as
the sun came up over the horizon.

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The aim of the ministry is to promote Christianity through various endeavours and use of various media, including wealthcreation to develop African countries, other nationsand communities so that people can have quality of life. This will be done through the building of schools, universities, orphanages, churches, hospitals, sports facilities, cities and infrastructure etc. and by empowering people by enabling them to work and own self sustaining industries and businesses. The ministry will also protect the environment through various means.

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