Diamond Bright Cleaning: Stella Hernandez’s Dream

By Jesika Millano

In search of a better future, Stella Hernandez decided to leave her job as a public employee in her hometown of Cali, Colombia, to immigrate to the United States.

12993583_10153536939285095_1819645000084030328_nUpon arriving in the U.S. in 1997, she faced the reality of having to do a less than glamorous job: cleaning houses.

Additionally, language was a challenge. That is why Stella began her new life cleaning houses by day while studying English at night.

“It was traumatic not to know English because I was afraid to go out,” she said. “My husband was going to work and would take the car keys for me. Sometimes, I would just sit in my parking spot and cry out of frustration.”

Nevertheless, even though it took  months to learn the new language, once Hernandez adapted to the American way of life, she felt welcomed.

“I love my country and I miss my people, but the United States has given me the opportunity to dream. I consider myself a happy immigrant,” Hernandez said.

About 11 years ago, Hernández founded her own company, Diamond Bright Cleaning Inc. Because she was known for being a hard worker, she had a good enough reputation to open her own business.

“When I worked for the cleaning companies, the clients would ask my boss for me, in particular, to clean their homes and I saw that it was a good opportunity to create my own company,” Hernandez said.

She currently has more than 18 years of experience in the field.

“The most satisfying thing is the customer appreciation because they like what I do. From my own company, I can personally make sure that people are able to rest and recharge from the atmosphere that clean spaces create,” she said.

“Every time Diamond Bright Cleaning, Inc. comes to clean a space, our ultimate goal is to make it shiny and clean like a diamond.”

Her business is 100-percent family friendly. Hernandez says the business model  has been a success.

“I passed the test with the economic recession even though the business was taking its first steps,” she said.

Hernandez thanked her mother for her passion and strong work ethic, as her mother always made her do her chores well growing up.

“You can’t study for this, but thanks to the organization my mother taught me, I have been successful in my own company,” she said.

Diamond Bright Cleaning, Inc. began as a local business in Brevard County, but has since expanded into Indian River and Martin counties.

The most highly demanded service by Hernandez’s customers is residential and commercial cleaning. However, Diamond Bright Cleaning, Inc. also offers window pressure washing as well as cleaning before and after important events. The company also cleans model houses and organizes garages, patios, closets and pool areas.

“Our customers request our services by calling (772) 388-3649. According to the request, we offer a budget adjusted to the needs of the people,” Hernandez added.

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