Lizbeth Walker provides bilingual staff to local businesses

Lizbeth Walker, owner of Qwalifize Staffing & Consulting, chats Rafael Caamano, manager of the UCF Business Incubator in Winter Haven, during the 2019 Business Incubation Program Advanced Course.

Por Jesika Millano

KISSIMMEE — A hard- working single mother of twins, Lizbeth Walker suddenly lost her job. It was a hard blow to her self-esteem and truly put her courage to the test. For months Walker insisted on finding a new job to support her family.

For months, Walker insisted on finding a new job to support her family.

“I had 14 years of experience working in the area of human resources and recruitment. Asa workforce manager, I planned out how to help departments succeed and hired IT workers for Fortune 500 companies,” she explained.

“But even with all this experience, I felt lost and stuck in a rut, but I never gave up,” Walker said.

The challenge helped her to discover a new purpose: helping others who also are having difficulties getting a job.

From that purpose, Qwalifize Staffing & Consulting was born in May 2018. The bilingual personnel recruitment company, based in Kissimmee, is dedicated to finding highly qualified and creative job seekers that successfully meet hiring requirements.

“I built my business around guiding and preparing people who are looking for high caliber work and need to overcome difficulties around expressing their talent in resumes and selling themselves on an interview,” Walker, the company’s CEO, explained.

“I help instill self-awareness and confidence in people in order to help them get hired in a

meaningful job that will help them achieve the next level of their career. I also provide both shortand longterm solutions to clients based on the needs of their workforce,” she said.

Walker, a specialist in administration and human resources in Information Technology environments, added that using systems for tracking applicants is not emotionally intelligent and cannot tell who will fit the culture of a certain company.

Having conversations and in-person interactions are paramount. Because of this, Walker’s superpower is the ability to understand the human side of staffing.

“I can identify with the struggles of job seekers from diverse backgrounds, but I also understand

the overworked hiring manager who simply does not have the time to search for the right person that they need,” she said, adding that Qwalifize aims to be the ultimate bilingual workforce matchmaker for businesses and organizations.

“In general, they are spread very thin and do not have the ability to review several resumes or the know-how to create job descriptions that are compliant with the U.S. Department of Labor, which can cause overwhelming problems.

“It may all seem impossible to juggle, but it’s okay, we’re here to help you!”

Walker is Puerto Rican and African-American, and originally from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. She stressed that Qwalifize Staffing & Consulting establishes strategies with clients on the best ways to meet the deadlines of their projects and business initiatives by offering multiple solutions.

“Our 20 years of combined experience in predicting the workforce, human resources, information technology, operations, and customer service help us do just that,” she said.

All of those years of experience allowed her to see how employers put themselves at riskby implementing temporary solutions that ultimately fail and are not what was promised to endclients.

“Most importantly, I have learned what not to do. Ethical practices lead to risk mitigation,less stress, happier workers and increased efficiency in completion of projects,” Walker said.

Qwalifize Staffing & Consulting is located at 111 E. Monument Ave., Ste. 401, Kissimmee, FL 34741. For more information, call (407) 519-9746 or email

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