Season Greetings in a Joyful, Leadership Way!

From my lovely family (my wife Enid, my daughter Charlene and the boys, Ralph and Erin) to yours, our heartfelt wishes for a prosperous new year.

By Lt. Col. Ralph Gracia and Lt. Charlene Gracia
Guest Columnists

In this edition, I would like to thank my followers who share with me how impacting the AL DÍA TODAY newspaper’s leadership articles have been in their lives. I have been blessed by giving back to our communities with these leadership articles. It has truly been an honor to share my leadership perspective with all. Thank you for the kind words you have shared and the unwavering support each month. I also must thank the outstanding newspaper staff who have been behind me throughout my tenure at AL DÍA TODAY. I have shared the following before, but people need to be recognized, beyond holiday seasons, to provide the best atmosphere for success. This represents the most challenging and rewarding part for any leader.

First, to Javier Molinares, who afforded me the opportunity to write and be a part of his team and family. I have to say, when I began this leadership journey, I had little idea how to go about it – or even, how to write every month on leadership topics and not run out of ideas. Suffice to say, The information and wise advice Javier’ afforded me made all the difference in the world. I’m happy to say, he made me feel valued as a team member on the AL DÍA TODAY newspaper. Second, Rolanda Gallop, for being an avid supporter of mine and a dear friend for many years. Special thanks also to Karen Loffler, Eastern Florida State College Learning Center, for being a guest speaker at one of my summer classes and for working behind the scenes assisting me with my work. Above all, to my dear wife Enid, my daughter Charlene and the boys, Ralph and Erin, for never giving up on me when it was time to sit and write.

Again, I want to personally thank the readers and followers for their kind words. Your support of the newspaper has been extraordinary, and I appreciate the generosity and, above all, the friendship. From my family to yours, our heartfelt wishes to you this holiday season and a safe, prosperous new year.

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