Bilingual geriatric doctor offers his services in Palm Bay

Dr. Alan Katz works in his Palm Bay office. From his internal medicine and geriatrics outpatient office at Healthy Partners, Katz ensures his commitment is to provide the best care and services to patients and their families in a practice that creates a healing environment and respects the privacy of their patients.

Por Jessika Millano

PALM BAY — Alan Katz, a Colombian doctor from Barranquilla who graduated from Universidad del Norte in 1988, has been the medical director of Healthy Partners Medical Care in Palm Bay for over a year. 

He arrived to the United States 18 years ago to complete his internship and residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Miami. 

After his residency, he ended up obtaining a two-year geriatric medicine fellowship at the same university. 

With over 12 years of intensive work experience in West Palm Beach, Boca Ratón, Fort Lauderdale and finally Palm Bay, Katz is an experienced primary care physician who understands how important it is to really listen to his patients.  

“The medical staff of our office ensures each patient feels welcome in a warm and homelike environment. Our main goal is to make sure people are able to have a better quality of life, that we can take care of all of their chronic diseases; and that if the person is healthy, to keep them that way as long as possible,” he said.

Just like any other immigrant to the United States, Katz admits to initially struggling in his new country because of the language barrier and different customs. “Being a doctor, however, has filled me with great satisfaction. I love talking to older people and listening to all of their wisdom and stories. I also meet so many diverse men and  women. Everyone that I meet has something to teach me, “ he said. 

Katz explained medicine in the past 20-30 years has advanced significantly. People can now be guaranteed to have a longer life due to doctors being able to control diseases. For example, someone who would have died 20 years ago due to heart failure would now be able to live, thanks to surgeries, new procedures, and medicines. 

From his outpatient office of internal medicine and geriatrics at Healthy Partners, Katz ensures that his commitment is to provide the best care and services to patients and their families. He hopes to do this in a practice that creates a healing environment and is respectful of the privacy of their patients.

“Our goal is to become the main provider of care in the area of internal and geriatric medicine for the Palm Bay community and also the Hispanic community in order to achieve active and successful aging through preventive measures. “

Healthy Partners Primary Care, located at 470 Malabar Rd SE Palm Bay FL 32907-3111, has a multidisciplinary team to care for the elderly in health and disease. For more information call (321) 802-6590.

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