The Latin American Club of Titusville contributes to local community

The Latin American Club of Titusville is seeking to highlight the Latin culture in Titusville, including its roots, traditions, art and human values.

Through its charitable activities, the organization has shown the best of the Hispanic culture, sponsoring and creating social events for the community, with the purpose of collecting funds, as well as helping low-income individuals and families.

Around Christmas and Thanksgiving, members of the club distribute food and donate gift certificates for needy families so they can have an enjoyable holiday dinner. The club also has helped Astronaut High School and Titusville High School students with scholarships.

Nellie Bays and Connie Johnson were the founders of the Latin American Club of Titusville. They called Hispanics listed in the phone book, and invited them to a picnic at Fox Lake Park in Titusville.

More than 100 people participated. The attendees had a good time, while enjoying typical dishes, sharing ideas and and discussing their roots.

That was the beginning of the Hispanic club, which elected Felix Gonzalez as the first president.

“I am so proud to be the first president of this remarkable group and to help the community,” Gonzalez said.

Other members of the board of directors included Frankie Perez as vice president, Nellie Bays as secretary, Issabel Maggio as treasurer and Tonny Vazquez as sergeant-at-arms.

The current president of the club is Maria Paulina Ferro Lacouture, member for three years.

“Since I joined the club, I have had the satisfaction to help and manage resources to help this organization without, worrying about the difficult economic situation that we are experiencing at this time,” Ferro Lacouture said.

Officials on the board of directors have contributed with different ideas to put together activities with the purpose of continuing to raise funds, including currently helping victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

The Latin American Club of Titusville leaders say, during its 24 years of existence, the club has been a proud supporter of Titusville, showing with action its priority, the Latin culture.

Upcoming event

The Latin American Club of Titusville will celebrate the time around Valentine’s Day with a dinner/dance gala from 6 to 11:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 20 at the Royal Oak Country Club, 2150 Country Club Drive, Titusville, FL 32780. All the donations from this event will go to the club’s 2010 scholarship fund. There will be live music, raffles and a silent auction. For more information, contact Maria Paulina Ferro Lacouture at  (321) 208-3810.

By Nur Naizir
Al Día Today

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