Raising promising leaders-New School Year Readiness

By Ana Díaz
Guest Columnist

The excitement of the first day of school is in the air! The smell of new school supplies and the feel of new shoes and clothes can be lots of fun. The anticipation of connecting with friends and meeting new teachers only adds to the joy. That enthusiasm can easily disappear if we do not take time to create routines that help our young people remain disciplined throughout the entire school year. To ensure this is the case parents should:

1. Establish a bed time and set an alarm to wake up in the morning with ample time to
dress, groom and prepare for the day. This helps reduce anxiety and create habits that
will follow them through adulthood.,
2. Fill the body with healthy nutrients and plenty of water. Children need to nourish their
bodies with the kinds of food that will sustain them and help them stay alert in school.
Sugar drinks do not hydrate the body and tend to leave you feeling sluggish later.
3. Establish a time to read, do homework, study and play. Together create a schedule of
how you both want to divide the time in a sensible way.
4. Establish a place that is free of distractions for studying and homework. Make sure
supplies are available nearby to complete work.
5. Establish positive communication with the adults at the school. Make time to meet the
teachers, attend meetings and look through your child’s backpack for communication.

Great leaders are disciplined leaders. They develop habits that keep them striving for self improvement. They balance sleep, work and play in a way that makes life more pleasant.

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