Secondary Students


Florida State Statute 1006.147 prohibits bullying or harassment by any student, school, employee, volunteer, parent, and/or school visitor. If you think bullying is going on in your school, contact the school’s administration. This link will take you to more information on how to distinguish bullying from conflict and how to report your concerns to the school.

Respectful relationships February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

It’s a good time to discuss how healthy relationships thrive on respect, kindness, and trust. And how unhealthy relationships rely on an imbalance of power that’s maintained through controlling behaviors, emotional abuse, or physical aggression. Sadly, 1 in 11 teens report being physically hurt by a date. Help your students learn to recognize and protect themselves from unhealthy relationships and dating abuse with these resources:

Healthy Relationships Teacher’s Guide for Grades 9 to 12 Teens Talk About Love (2-minute video)