Tiny Girl Big Dream

As a student at Palm Bay Elementary, Acacia wanted to put the spotlight on the kind and compassionate students who outnumbered the bullies in her school. With the help of her family she created a bench that was colorful, decorated with encouraging words and big enough for two to sit and enjoy a conversation. Her plan was simply to provide a place for students to be a friend to someone else. At that time, the school was educating everyone on how to report bullying. Acacia mentioned to her principal, Mrs. Migliore, that maybe everyone should be also given an opportunity to report the kind acts of others as well. Mrs. Migliore thought about it and that night created “The Friendship Report.” The spotlight on what is right had such an amazing impact on one school in Palm Bay, the Mayor of the city heard about it. Mayor Capote and Acacia developed a partnership that would take them to places they had not imagine delivering a message of kindness everywhere they went. In 2013, the Mayor’s ball raised enough money to put a bench in every school in Palm Bay.

With the support of local businesses, local schools, Mayor Capote and her family, Acacia has been as far south as Miami Beach and as far north as Canada.

Acacia has been dubbed by one huge fan as “The Johnny Appleseed of the 21st Century.” Brevard County is proud of this local hero who is making such a positive impact in our community. Learn more about Acacia and her dream at www.tinygirlbigdream.org